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Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium - Top Terrarium

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

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If you haven't already heard of this Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium then it's worth taking a look. This terrarium is a steal of a deal and select orders come with Amazon's 2-day shipping! With an average 4.6 star rating and 100+ reviews, beardie owners seem to really agree that this is one of the best ready-to-go terrariums.

But what makes it stand out? This 48Lx24Dx24H terrarium is sturdy, convenient, and easy to set up and break down. The front is made of sliding glass and makes servicing this tank a breeze. Assembly can take less than 20 minutes! However, It should be noted that this tank is heavy and it's recommended that at least two people assist with lifting/setting it up. The tank itself breaks down for easy storage/transport.

And the best part yet? This tank comes with key-lock security so your dragon won't escape!

Performance-wise this terrarium is worth every penny. It is spacious, well made and convenient. With the Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium, buyers can have peace of mind knowing they got a top-dollar product for a fraction of the price!

Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium is simple to assemble and is available in 21 kinds of models. The 36" length model and the 24" length model both have hinged doors whereas the 72" length model and the 48" length model have sliding doors. Every terrarium comes with key lock security. This terrarium is also available with a 12" waterproof base. The 12" and 9" models have waterproof deep bases whereas other models that are 18" height models have 4" deep bases and 24" height model have a 6.3" base and the 36" height model have a 7.5" deep base.

This terrarium comes with a box inside the box packaging which means you get additional styrofoam and hard cardboard to protect the terrarium from UPS abuse. These terrariums are sold by Caroline Designer Drangons Inc who are breeders of beardies as well. You can even buy bearded dragons from them. This cage does not come with a stand. You can, however, use wire racks, bookshelves, aquarium stands, couch tables, and vanity bases as stands. If you can only obtain 18" wide stands then you cut a nice plywood of 24" in width to support the terrarium.

100 to 120 gallons of reptile carpet can work with this cage. The footprint is around 48" x 24" hence it should take 2 reptile carpet sheets of 24 x 36. You can even buy carpet anchors to ensure the carpet stays in its place and appears neat. This company also offers reptile carpets so you can buy the cage and the substrate from the same place. You can easily use UVB light 10.0 with this terrarium. Bearded dragons love climbing and hence you can buy the 48 L x 24 D x 24 H cage which your beardie will love to explore and move from rock to log and other decorations. The height will also stop your beardie from trying to reach the UVA and UVB light on the top screen. This terrarium is available in many sizes and you can buy the one that will provide your beardie enough room to roam and will let you add a lot of decors. If your beardie likes climbing and exploring then you should buy a large cage.

You may be surprised by the cage's size because it is large. You expect a big cage but this is huge. It is also heavy and large so you will have to ask for help to move this safely and place it in its place. Unboxing this cage is easy but the amount of foam in the packaging could be annoying for some. You will end up throwing away most of the packaging materials but you will be grateful for them since your glass will arrive properly protected. They package and ship the cage so well that the glass never has one crack or scratch on it.

The instructions with the cage are clear and easy and hence it is easy to put it together. This cage does not have a complicated installation process. The complete terrarium is well put together but the sliding door handles are basically suction cups so it does not look great but you can remove them whenever you want and clean them and reapply them when you have to open the door. You do not have to leave the suction cup handles on the terrarium at all times. The lock of the tank works perfectly. Since you will be housing a bearded dragon, you will not have to test the tank's ability to hold water in its bottom base. However, the depth is useful for dragons since they will love to dig in it.

Your beardie will love his or her new home. A terrarium can be extremely expensive when you buy one from a local store but buying these things online is extremely reasonable. You may worry about the glass being shipped but this company handles packaging and shipping very well. If you are buying a tank for your beardie on a budget, then you should consider the Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium since you will be able to buy a much bigger tank at a much cheaper cost. This tank is highly recommended and you will be glad for your purchase. If your beardie has a small 40-gallon cage and you are looking to upgrade then this is the perfect choice for you. This tank's height is ideal for basking since the height prevents the spot from getting too hot. It arrives properly packed with a ton of packaging materials and no broken or cracked pieces.

This tank is simple to assemble but the doors are not labeled and hence you may take some time to figure out which door needs to be fitted where. The suction cups on the doors will not stay on forever hence you will have to remove them after you are done opening or closing the doors. This is a huge cage and hence you will require a 150 - 175 watt bulb to warm the terrarium. It is a spacious terrarium and will last you for a long time. If you have a bearded dragon or any other amphibian or reptile, then this cage is perfect for you. If there is any damage to the aluminum joints then you can easily glue it utilizing a plastic bond and then painting over it. You will love the big size of this cage. It is not as sturdy as expected especially the corners but it is structurally fine.

The clips that engage the top panels are a little difficult to unclip and clip and the top of the doors must be adjusted and loosened a little or they do not open smoothly. The glass is a little thin when compared to other expensive terrariums and hence you should monitor the bottom since it may get warm faster than other thicker terrariums. Carolina Custom Cages Terrarium is an extremely reasonably priced tank and the company offers amazing customer service.

Get Your Terrarium on Amazon Here: https://amzn.to/3btxVfo