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Fluker's Veggie Variety & Buffet Blend - Top Juvenile Food

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

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If you haven't already heard of the Fluker's Veggie Variety & Buffet Blend then it's worth taking a look. These blends are a steal of a deal and select orders come with Amazon's 2-day shipping! With an average 4.4 star rating and 1,700+ reviews, owners seem to really agree that this is the best pre-packaged food for juveniles.

But what makes it stand out? These blends provide a variety of dried veggies and insect protein for bearded dragons. The food is convenient, well-priced and the perfect size for small beardies. These supplements can be crushed over food or eaten whole. However, it should be noted that these foods are supplemental. These need to be eaten as part of a well-rounded diet including fresh veggies and live insects. They will NOT provide a full diet. Overall, these supplemental blends are high-quality, nutritious, and at a great price.

And the best part yet? These blends can come separately or packaged together and will typically last 1-2 months!

Performance-wise these blends are worth every penny. They are safe, nutritious, convenient, and an excellent value. With the Fluker's Veggie Variety & Buffet Blend buyers can have peace of mind knowing they got a top-dollar product for a fraction of the price!

Fluker's Veggie Variety & Buffet Blend is sold by Fluker's in pellet form. All breeds in all sizes can eat this pellet. Beardies of any age can consume this food item. Fluker's Veggie Variety & Buffet Blend is an ideal mixture of mealworms, crickets, and pellets. This has been formulated scientifically to ensure your bearded dragon meets his or her dietary requirements. This blend is sold in a 4.4-ounce bag and has all-natural ingredients.

You can offer one full cap of this pellet blend every day to your beardie. You can place this food in a bowl for your dragon to eat. After a day, however, you should remove any items that have not been eaten by your beardie. Then you should wash and dry the bowl and refill it with more pellets. You should talk to your vet to make a proper diet chart for your beardie to ensure they have a balanced and complete diet. You can also crush these pellets and sprinkle them on other food. Your dragon will eat the food with these pellets sprinkles on them happily as well. Most beardies only eat mealworms and kale but you can keep this pellet blend as a backup food source for your beardie. This pellet blend can be used for at least a month as a backup food source or for one-two weeks if this is the only thing they are eating. However, if your beardie likes live worms then you could easily feed them live worms with this blend at times to offer them a variety.

This blend maybe a little too big for a baby beardie. If your beardie is like 2 months in age then they may not be able to eat these pellets and would prefer tiny live crickets. The mealworms and crickets are of regular length in this blend. Many beardies do not like the taste of this blend completely. Just like humans, they have preferences, some dragons eat everything except the red balls and others eat the red balls more than anything else. If your beardie cannot digest this blend then you should get them checked with your vet before continuing to feed them this blend since they could have issues with the pellets.

This pellet blend can be used as a snack or supplement but it should not be used as the only food source. Most dragons will dislike the red pellets or eat them last. You can offer them live insects every now and then but keeping some of these pellets in the cage is a great way to ensure they have food whenever they get hungry. It is important to offer your bearded dragon live crickets but sometimes as a snack or if you are in a hurry, this pellet blend can be offered to them as well. Many beardies may not eat the pellets in the beginning because they are not used to pellets. Young beardies may not eat these pellets because they are too big for them. If your beardie does not eat the pellets even after a while, you can try and return them. Beardies will take some time to get used to pellets and it is a nice food source to have at home. Sometimes you may be out of crickets and this pellet blend can work very well as a backup food source.

You should avoid keeping your dragon alive only on this food source. Beardies can survive on dry and prepackaged foods but offering them live food along with this blend will ensure they remain healthy. However, many bearded dragons do love this pellet blend. Many people often store some at home to use when traveling or in case of emergencies. You cannot travel with live crickets and if you are only taking them away for a weekend, this can be a good food source to take with you. If your baby bearded dragon can eat this, then they will love it. Many baby beardies prefer frozen and dried things instead of live crickets and this pellet blend has the right mixture of pellets and mealworms. You can soak these pellets in water for a little while to soften them before feeding them to a baby beardie so they can eat it properly and hydrate themselves as well. Your baby beardie may not be able to eat the hard pellets but once they are softened he or she can happily enjoy them.

Many beardie owners believe they should only offer fresh food to their beardies but that is not true. These pellets and worms may not be fresh but they are good for your beardie. She can happily chew her food and fill her stomach. You can mix these pellets with some greens and add a little water to soften them while also ensuring they are hydrated. If your beardie does not drink a lot of water then you can soak these pellets and then feed him or her to offer water and food. You can also sprinkle calcium on these pellets to offer your beardie calcium in her meals. It is always a great idea to store some pellets in case of emergencies. These pellets may be expensive if you buy them in a local store but they are cheaper online and hence a great choice to keep some in store at home in case you may need them.

You can also offer Fluker's Veggie Variety & Buffet Blend to turtles since they love these pellets. Turtles love eating these worms and pellets as well. This blend has more red kibble than live cricket but it is to ensure the blend is balanced and does not have too much of anything. Your beardie may love more crickets and less kibble but too much of anything is bad for them. Fluker's Veggie Variety & Buffet Blend is a little different than its pictures. It is similar to blends of frozen and dried veggies and fruits except this has worms, grasshoppers, and pellets.

Get Your Blends on Amazon Here: https://amzn.to/3rnfKie