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GABraden Reptile Tent - Top Outdoors Accessory

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Get Your Tent on Amazon Here: https://amzn.to/3ebZ3Cj

If you haven't already heard of the GABraden Reptile Tent then it's worth taking a look. This tent is a steal of a deal and select orders come with Amazon's 2-day shipping! With an average 4.2 star rating and 2,300+ reviews, owners seem to really agree that is the best outdoors tent.

But what makes it stand out? This tent is spacious but can be folded for compact, easy storage, and transportation. It comes in 5+ bright colors. This tent can be used for supervised outdoor play, traveling with your beardie, and keeping your beardie safe while cleaning their main tank. It should be noted that this tent is water-resistant but not fully waterproof, so water or pee may still leak through. Despite this, the low cost and high quality provide an unbeatable product value.

And the best part yet? This tent even comes with a complimentary leash for your beardie!

Performance-wise this tent is worth every penny. It is safe, compact, convenient, and will provide hours of exercise and fun for your dragon. With the GABraden Reptile Tent buyers can have peace of mind knowing they got a top-dollar product for a fraction of the price!

GABraden Reptile Tent is made using superior quality materials. It has durable fabric made of polyester and is surrounded by strong nets so you can watch your beardie at all times while making sure he or she has proper ventilation in their playpen. This tent also eliminates all odors. It is an ideal size for beardies. The width and height after opening it are 47 x 15 inches that is 120 cm x 38 cm or 10 square feet. It is simple to clean this tent. You can easily carry it by folding it in a round shape of 9.4 inches x 9.4 inches or 24 cm x 24 cm. This tent is perfect for home and outdoor travel use. It is ideal for small animals like chinchillas, hamsters, mice, guinea pigs, ferrets, gerbils, bunny, squirrel, and other animals like reptiles. This can be used as a playpen in gardens as well.

GABraden Reptile Tent has many uses. It is easy to store and install. This tent has the elasticity of a spring. You should keep it away from your face and body while opening the panels since it could hit anyone that is near it when it is being opened. Anyone can set this tent up easily and clean it as well. This tent is easy to store and set up. You can simple clean it by rinsing it with water. It is available in various colors such as blue, cool green, grey, pink, and upgrade blue. This tent is sold by GABraden. The exact dimensions of this tent in L x W x H are 7.87 x 9.06 x 0.59 inches. GABraden Reptile Tent is a portable and light play pen that is ideal for outdoor and indoor use. It weighs around 300 grams or 10.5 oz.

The storage size of this tent is 8.6 " x 8.6" or 22 x 22 cm. The unfold size of this playpen is 120 x 100 x 38 cm or 47" x 39.4" x 15". GABraden Reptile Tent can be used as a cage while travelling as well. It has an ideal size for beardies and is simple and light to carry. Since this tent is portable, it hardly takes any space. It can easily fit inside your house or outside on your porch. This is a universal playpen and can be used for all kinds of small animals. It has a good height of 14.9 inches and hence even a rabbit cannot jump out of it unless it has an enhanced bounce ability.

This tent is not for dogs, not even puppies. It is strictly only for beardies, hedgehogs, hamsters, small bunnies and guinea pigs along with other small animals. You may have to monitor your beardie while he or she is in this tent since hamsters cam climb out of it but beardies most probably cannot but still you should supervise your beardie when she or he is in the tent for the first time. Hamsters may easily climb out of this tent since they are experts in climbing. However, if you are not too worried about your beardie escaping if she or he can climb then this is an excellent play pen for you.

If you want to spend time outside with your bearded dragon then this tent is a great choice for you. Beardies can use the corners of the playpen as hammocks. Beardies can get out of this tent quite easily but usually, beardies will not even try to escape. Hence it maybe the best outdoor cage for your beardie. You can let your beardie play in this pen every day in your room or outside so they have a place outside their habitat. You should not leave your beardie unattended in this tent since it is not entirely covered. Your beardie will enjoy walking around and exploring the playpen every day.

This tent comes in a tiny package so it does not take a lot of space when it is being stored. However, it is big enough that you can keep a cage inside the tent and leave the door open so your beardie can come out of the cage whenever he or she pleases and still remain safe. This cage can be great for hamsters as well since they will enjoy running around the area and get enough exercise. You should cover the sides of the playpen if you notice your beardie disliking the nets. If your beardie is attempting to climb the net, then covering it should probably stop them from trying to climb. Your beardie may also enjoy hiding and sleeping behind the covers which will make them even more comfortable in the tent.

If you are looking for an outdoor cage for your beardie then GABraden Reptile Tent is a great product for you. Many tents have really low walls which lead to the beardie jumping and escaping the tent. Some tents are so light, that a beardie may lean on the wall and the wall may collapse because of the weight leading to an escape. This tent is not waterproof so it should not be kept on carpets or area that may be ruined with your beardie's pee. It may absorb some water but it may also leak the pee and spoil whatever is underneath it.

This tent appears smaller in pictures but it is huge. If you have a beardie and he or she likes big spaces and enjoys playing and running then they will love this playpen. It has a huge size and storing it is very easy because it can be folded easily. You may have to try a few times before you learn to properly fold this tent but once you understand the process, it should not take a lot of time. You may have to invest in training pads or pee pads if your beardie pees a lot. GABraden Reptile Tent is a great product for all beardie owners since dragons love their time outside the habitat and this tent can be useful in outdoor playtime.

Get Your Tent on Amazon Here: https://amzn.to/3ebZ3Cj

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