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I Want A Bearded Dragon - Top Care Guide For Kids

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

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If you haven't already heard of the "I Want A Bearded Dragon" guide then it's worth taking a look. This book is a steal of a deal and select orders come with Amazon's 2-day shipping! With an average 4.7 star rating and 200+ reviews, owners seem to really agree that this is the best beardie care guide for kids.

But what makes it stand out? This care guide is a top-selling chapter book best suited for ages 8-12. It provides a simple but informative overview of beardie care that is easy for children to read and understand. The engaging writing and helpful, colorful pictures make for a quick read. It should be noted that this is not an in-depth book but rather a digestible overview for children. Parents will still need to do research and assist with/supervise the care of the bearded dragon. Overall this book is an excellent kid-friendly introduction to the world of dragon husbandry.

And the best part yet? This book comes in Kindle, paperback, and hardcover options!

Performance-wise this book is worth every penny. It is engaging, easy to read, informative, and will help your child become a beardie expert. With the "I Want A Bearded Dragon" guide buyers can have peace of mind knowing they got a top-dollar product for a fraction of the price!

This is the 2020 edition of I Want A Bearded Dragon. It is a top-selling book and is perfect if you want to teach your kid about caring for bearded dragons. Bearded dragons are special and they are also the most famous pet lizards. If you are a teacher and want to get a bearded dragon as a classroom pet or if your child wants a friendly and frisky pet lizard then a bearded dragon is the best choice for a kid's reptile pet. If your child is interested in the natural world of animals then he or she will love reading this book.

Bearded dragons are safe, friendly, and love being handled. Once they have a nice habitat, it is easy to care for them and keep them happy and healthy. This book is a standard beardie book that is ideal for beginners and children who own bearded dragons or for people who wish to understand what it would be like if they become beardie owners. This book will help you choose a beardie and will also teach you to care for a bearded dragon.

I Want A Bearded Dragon teaches basic pet care and it will help your child enjoy their new pet responsibly and safely. Bearded dragons enjoy hanging out with their owners. A child as little as an eight-year-old can have a pet bearded dragon as long as he or she is supervised by a teacher or parent. This is a lively book with many chapters and falls under the Best Pets for Kids book series. It is ideal for teenagers and kids and covers the topics of why bearded dragons make good pets, who should get a beardie and why, how to pick a healthy bearded dragon when buying a pet, and others. This book also has different answers to various questions that are often asked by teachers and parents about owning a beardie. This chapter book has a reading level of Grade 4 and hence it may be difficult to read for kids who are younger than 8 years of age.

I Want A Bearded Dragon is a completely illustrated book with 30 color pictures. It is a new and revised version of the Best Pets for Kids book series. As per the publishers, this book is ideal for kids in the age group of 8 to 12. This book has 72 pages and is written in English. It is ideal for grades 4 to 6 and the exact dimensions of this book are 5.98 x 0.31 x 9.02 inches. This book has been published by Crimson Hill Books. This book is highly recommended by many beardie owners and is a great read. It is written by Jacquelyn Elnor Johnson who has authored and co-authored over 10 books for kids about buying, enjoying, and caring for pets. She has had many pets in life such as dachshunds, poodles, cats, Labrador retrievers, and fish. She also loved her neighbor's lizards. When she is not writing about pets or playing with pets, she writes fiction for adults and reorganizes her space while indulging in gardens, home improvements and she also fosters animals from the rescue shelter. She has written many successful children's books that are enjoyable and informative.

Tristan Pulsifer has also authored this book. He is 9 years old and is in grade 4. He has a house that is full of pets. He is Jacquelyn Elnor Johnson's neighbor and has eight pets which are a puppy, two dogs, a cat, a bearded dragon, and three geckos. The dogs are called Molly, Sophie, and Lucy. This book can be a great addition if you are buying your child a bearded dragon as a birthday present. You can gift your kid this book one week before getting them the dragon so they can learn about beardies and understand their behavior and caring instructions. This book is not a detailed book and you will have to do some more research to properly care for the dragon but it is great for children and new beardie owners. This book is informative, simple, and entertaining with a lot of pictures which makes it fun to read.

Bearded dragons are simple animals, and once you help your child for a few months, they will end up caring for him or her on their own. You may have to manage the housing, heating, and diet on your own but your child can change the water, help you prepare the beardie's food, and feed him or her every day as well. I Want A Bearded Dragon is a great book and 9-year-olds can easily read it. It is simple to understand and read and hence kids can go through it on their own as well. As a parent, you will truly love this book. Knowledge is important and this book provides a lot of information that a beardie owner must know. If you cannot read boring and detailed guides then this book can teach you the basics of caring for a bearded dragon. It is a simple read.

I Want A Bearded Dragon is an excellent look and even a child can read the entire book easily. Parents like buying their kids pets but it is important to prepare them to understand what they should expect with a pet. This book will help your child understand what they may have to do once they have a bearded dragon. This is a nice small book which has a lot of information. This book is perfect for kids. If you have a friend who bought a bearded dragon, then you can easily gift them this book. This can be a great gift for new beardie owners whether they are kids or adults. It is a cute book for anyone that loves bearded dragons.

I Want A Bearded Dragon is an easy read and if your child enjoys reading books, then this can be an informative read even if they are not interested in buying a bearded dragon. The photos are clear and lovely and the words are simple to read for kids and adults alike.

Get Your Guide on Amazon Here: https://amzn.to/3kNXfkr