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PINVNBY Tank Accessories - Top Accessory Pack

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

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If you haven't already heard of PINVNBY Tank Accessories then it's worth taking a look. This pack is a steal of a deal and select orders come with Amazon's 2-day shipping! With an average 4.7 star rating and dozens of reviews, beardie owners seem to really agree that this is the best accessory pack.

But what makes it stand out? This accessory pack offers an excellent variety. With climbing branches, a coconut hiding hut, vines/leaves, and a comfy hammock, your dragon is sure to stay entertained. The powerful suction cups are great for holding the weight of an adult bearded dragon. It's important to note that these accessories are large and will not fit in tanks under 20 gallons. This product is great for large beardies or juveniles in larger tanks.

And the best part yet? This accessory pack is made out of safe, natural ingredients like seagrass and real coconut!

Performance-wise this pack is worth every penny. It is budget-friendly, sturdy, and sure to provide lots of fun for your bearded dragon. With the PINVNBY Tank Accessories, buyers can have peace of mind knowing they got a top-dollar product for a fraction of the price!

What do you get when you buy PINVNBY Tank Accessories?

You get-

1. 1 organic shell cave made of coconut

2. 1 hammock for bearded dragons

3. 1 vine branch that bends

4. 1 vine branch with bendable artificial branches

5. 1 vine with bendable leaves

6. 9 suction cups

PINVNBY Tank Accessories are ideal for amphibians, arboreal reptiles, lizards, bearded dragons, tree frogs, chameleons, turtles, geckos, snakes, and tortoises. This set is made of premium quality materials. The hammock bed is meant for lizards and is made of 100 percent organic seagrass. It is handwoven and the seagrass fiber is a soft yet durable and sturdy material. The coconut hut has been made using 100 percent organic coconut shell and is quite durable and strong. This set has a climbable and comfortable lounger that can be accessed by your beardie easily. These items are tasteless, non-toxic, animal friendly, and bacteria-free. Your beardie will truly enjoy these accessories.

This accessory set has a lot of features. It is simple to install and has a creative design. You can DIY the setup as per your wish. The hammock is in a triangular shape and is simple to install. It will not fall even if your adult beardie jumps on it. It comes with 3 separate hooks that let you install the hammock to a glass or acrylic cage without any hassle. The hammock is ideal for bearded dragons since it will let them self-regulate their temperature by shifting away or closer to the light if you install the hammock on an incline. This hammock will enhance your pet's life experience and ensure they are happy and comfortable in their cage.

This accessory set has a lot of uses. It is ideal for bearded dragons and other amphibians and reptiles as well. The hammock can easily be attached to the terrarium's walls ensuring you use every bit of space available in your beardie's tank. The shell cave made of coconut offers a nice and safe place for your beardie to hide ensuring your beardie has a safe space to relax and play when he or she needs to. This is a completely risk-free item. If you dislike the accessories or your beardie does not like them, you can contact the company to get a replacement or a refund. However, your beardie will love this accessory set so it will make for a great purchase.

The hammock is available in a yellow color and its size is 12.6 x 12.6 x 16.53 inches. It is made using completely organic sea glass fiber and uses 3 pieces of suction cups. The shell hut made of coconut has a diameter of 5.11 inches and is made of a completely natural coconut shell. This coconut shell is very useful. Every beardie needs a hiding space in their tank and if you have this shell, you do not have to buy a separate cave for your beardie to hide in. The vine branch with artificial leaves is bendable and is just as it appears. It is 34.5 inches in size. You can decorate the tank using it and make the habitat appear more natural ensuring your beardie feels comfortable in the cage. You can use these vines to decorate vases, household items, and other things as well.

The other decor vine is flexible and can be used to decorate the habitat as well. Its length is 78.7 inches and the branch's length is 78.74 inches. The other 6 suction cups can be used to hold the vines in place. This set is all you need to decorate your beardie's habitat. Every item is useful when you are decorating your beardie's cage. You may not use the coconut shell or the leaves if you want a different cave but the hammock and vines are super useful and comfortable. Many owners fear putting artificial leaves in beardie tanks because beardies might try and eat the leaves. However, this is an excellent set for its price. This set can be used for babies if they have a big tank and do not mind a big hammock. However, this set is better for juvenile beardies who can grow into adults and still continue to use this set.

This set offers a lot of variety. If you have multiple bearded dragons then you can divide the items in between different reptiles. You can give one reptile the hammock and the other can get the coconut shell. You can decorate another reptile's cage with the foliage and vines. Whatever item you choose for your beardie, they will end up using these items and enjoying them. Every item is exactly as it appears in photos and will not be shipped defective. This accessory set is an excellent investment if you are a bearded dragon owner.

You will end up loving the habitat once you have decorated it with this set. Your dragon will also love the hammock. The suction cups are very strong and you will have no problems with them even after long use. Your beardie may also enjoy climbing the vines if you place them in a way that can be climbed. If your beardie cannot jump onto the hammock or if you want to place it higher, you can buy a ladder for your cage. You can get a bird ladder and set it up with the hammock to make things easier for your beardie. This is a great accessory set for cages. All the items are high-quality products and if you feel the suction cups are not as strong then you can use these items with other self-bought suction cups as well.

Your bearded dragon will love these accessories in their tank. They will end up spending a lot of time exploring and climbing these items. The vines and the hammock are a big hit with bearded dragons. PINVNBY Tank Accessories are ideal for beardies and will last for a long time.

Get Your Accessories on Amazon Here: https://amzn.to/3klFSr2