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Top Food and Water Dishes for Bearded Dragons

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Here are our top choices for Food and Water Dishes for Bearded Dragons. These accessories are budget-friendly, sanitary, and safe for bearded dragons.

NOMOY Reptile Drinking Fountain

The NOMOY Reptile Drinking Fountain has an average 4.5-star rating and dozens of reviews. This fountain provides a continuous stream of fresh flowing water, which is great for beardies because they can't see still water. Best yet, this will not affect terrarium humidity levels. This nonporous device comes with a filter and a 2-year warranty. This fountain makes a slight buzzing noise but is not disruptive.

It is a naturally clean product. It offers clean, fresh, and flowing water for amphibians and reptiles to drink. It simulates a natural waterfall ambiance making your reptile feel safe in its habitat. Let your bearded dragon, turtle, snake, amphibian, or lizard love this amazing and natural way of drinking clean water. It is a convenient product. You can add 1000 ml of water for your reptile which should last him or her for a week so you do not have to frequently fill their drinking bowl. It has a filter pad, is simple to clean, you do not have to worry about overflow and it has a circulation filtration system that is automatic.

This is a safe and durable product. It is made using durable and nontoxic food-grade resin which is safe for reptiles. You can use the warranty in case of any issues but as long as you maintain the tiny pump, you may never need to use the warranty since you will not face any problems. The design of this item is such that it is simple to use. You do not have to install it, just add water and plug it in to start using it immediately. It is a sturdy item and even the biggest beardie will not be able to knock it down. It has a suction cup on its back which can stick to a glass surface easily. It has an organic sound and saves a lot of power. It has a 2.5w/ 110v DC pump. It is noise-free, efficient, and saves power. The slight sound you hear sounds like a natural stream which helps simulate a comfortable and natural environment for your reptile.

This reptile water habitat is a unique product. It is the perfect way to offer water to your beardie. Arboreal reptiles usually drink from raindrops and moving dewdrops while they forage in the jungle and hence this is the most natural way for them to drink water. NOMOY Reptile Drinking Fountain can simulate a waterfall environment that will be recognized by your pet and it will attract your dragon towards the water. This will help prevent dehydration and thus you can avoid any health issues that may have been caused by dehydration. NOMOY Reptile Drinking Fountain focuses on your reptile's health. You can clean it easily and it saves time since you do not have to change its water. It will provide a more natural environment for your reptile.

This product will increase your reptile's desire to hydrate even more. It is a strong and stable product that will not just tip over. This company has good after-sales customer service. This company provides its customers premium quality items with good service. The warranty is simply amazing. You can buy this water dish with confidence and contact the company in case of any issues. They often respond quickly. The filtering system of the NOMOY Reptile Drinking Fountain does not need any maintenance and will probably work forever. However, to maintain your reptile's health, you should clean it weekly.

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CalPalmy Reptile Food Bowls (2 pack)

The CalPalmy Reptile Food Bowls have an average 4.3-star rating and 100+ reviews. These natural-looking bowls blend in with the decor and are even nontoxic! There are different sizes for baby to adult beardies, however, these bowls do run small. They are shallow and easy to access, which is great for babies and juveniles.

This is the perfect water and food bowl for your pet. If you want a water and food bowl that has a huge capacity then the CalPalmy Reptile Food Bowls (2 pack) is perfect for your needs. It reduces wastage of food since the size of the water bowl is perfect and the depth is ideal for your beardies. It is made using BPA-free, non-toxic plastic which is a high-quality animal-safe composite plastic. It is simple to clean and does not have an odor. You barely have to do anything to maintain these bowls. They have a sturdy yet lightweight build and your pet will probably consume food in these bowls for years.

It has a stylish and unique design. If you do not want to see simple plastic bowls in your beardie's habitat then this novelty bowl will look great in your pet's habitat. It adds an aesthetic value and will look great in a jungle, tropical and desert-themed habitat. It will blend into vivariums, terrariums or it can stand out as a unique piece in your pet's cage. It is a functional decorative item. This bowl can be perfect for small reptiles. You can simply buy the smaller size. You can get sizes for medium and small reptiles, small mammals like guinea pigs and rats, and amphibians. This bowl has a low edge which allows short and small animals to drink and eat comfortably. The brim of the edge is thick and hence it offers leverage to small lizards and snakes.

This bowl is made of durable plastic and has a wooden aesthetic. This reptile bowl is the ideal balance of function and design. It has an appearance of a cut log while having a simulating texture. This bowl will complement the natural appearance of reptile habitats. You can place it in between stone or driftwood hardscapes and it will appear as a beautiful and pleasing watering and feeding corner. You can make your reptile's habitat appear pretty without compromising the requirement of a huge feeding bowl. You can buy the size, that will fit in your reptile's vivarium and terrarium. It has a nice depth as well. CalPalmy Reptile Food Bowls (2 pack) are ideal not just as water and food bowls but can also be used as soaking basins.

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TDPET Ceramic Reptile Worm Dish

This dish has an average of 4.6 stars and 600+ reviews. It is great for all-age beardies (comes in small/medium). This bowl is smooth and has a rim to prevent insects from escaping. There are nice color options for these sleek bowls. They can run a bit on the smaller side. Overall, these bowls are an excellent value for the price.

These bowls are available in the colors of orange and white. They have a nice design. They have a rim that is curved inward and include a nonslip mat pad. This bowl is perfect as a water dish or food bowl for geckos and other reptiles like centipedes, lizards, snakes, chameleons, spiders, iguanas, corn snakes, and more. You can choose the size you want based on your pet's needs and size. This is made using premium quality material. This reptile feeder has a durable and solid ceramic construction. It is simple to clean since it has a smooth, sanitary and clean surface that is non-porous.

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