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Zilla Lighting and Heat Power Center - Top Digital Accessory

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

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If you haven't already heard of the Zilla Lighting and Heat Power Center then it's worth taking a look. This power strip is a steal of a deal and select orders come with Amazon's 2-day shipping! An Amazon's Choice Product with an average 4.4-star rating and 2,500+ reviews, beardie owners seem to really agree that this is the best digital power center.

But what makes it stand out? This power center allows for automated management of your dragon's heat and light systems. There are daytime, nighttime, and "always-on" outlets. Connected electronic systems can be scheduled manually or automatically to turn on/off at certain times or on a certain day. This automated strip will ensure your beardie gets optimal basking light, daylight, and sleep time without you lifting a finger. This strip tends to lose 20 minutes every 6 months, but the clock can be easily reset. Aside from that, this product is accurate and incredibly convenient.

And the best part yet? This power strip is very compact, there's no bulky analog clock or unnecessary equipment!

Performance-wise this power center is worth every penny. It is well made, long-lasting, and incredibly convenient. With the Zilla Lighting and Heat Power Center buyers can have peace of mind knowing they got a top-dollar product for a fraction of the price!

Zilla Lighting and Heat Power Center has a simple operation mode of on and off. Its exact dimensions are 4.2 inches in length, 13.3 inches in width, and 2.1 inches in height. The actuator type is a push button and the current rating is 15 amps. This 24/7 timer lets you program with off and on outlets daily and also provides constant power outlets. It has a total of 8 outlets where 4 are nighttime and daytime alternating outlets and the other 4 are constant power outlets. This power center has a simple-to-use LCD display and digital programming. You can control your habitat completely with this power strip. It can handle up to 1875 watts.

This power center has been certified by the US Association of Reptile Keppers. The USARK is a nonprofit organization that is an education, science, and conservation-based group that is responsible for trade and private ownership of reptiles. You can replace the pyramid of timers and wires behind your beardie's tank with this single and safe power strip that has a timer control as well. With the Zilla Lighting and Heat Power Center you can control all the filters, lights, and heaters in the tank. This power center weighs around 1.2 pounds.

This is a durable accessory and it will last you for years if maintained properly. This power center is simple to use as the yellow outlets are for daytime use and function together as one unit while the blue outlets work as nighttime outlets and function together as one unit. You can set timers for blue and yellow outlets together but you cannot set a timer for every outlet individually. The white outlets are for constant power and can be used for things that require power all the time like the tank heater. This power center has amazing feedback and will hardly give you any trouble even after 8-9 years. It may be a little difficult to set this up, but once that is done, it will function flawlessly and will barely require any adjustments. You will never have to face blown breakers but if your wiring is old or your breakers, wires, or outlets are damaged or not up to code then that could result in a blown up breaker. This power center is just as vulnerable to power surges as other devices and can be ruined by frequent blowouts. However, without any surge protection, all power strips will suffer that. Even surge protectors sometimes have to be replaced if they are hit with many surges. If you are going through a power outage, then it is advised to unplug this power center and if you experience many blowouts in your locality then you must buy a battery backup and a surge protector.

Zilla Lighting and Heat Power Center is a highly recommended product. You can easily run a 12-hour daytime and 12-hour nighttime cycle with this strip. The yellow outlets automatically turn off when the blue outlets are turned on. The cord length in this strip is around 2 feet. This strip uses an LR4 4G Button cell battery.

If you are thinking of buying a new digital accessory then this is a great choice for you. You can read the instructions and set it up easily. The four white sockets are extremely useful for constant power, they are automatically turned on as soon as you plug in the strip. There are two yellow day outlets and two blue night outlets. This strip also has different modes. It has a random mode which is not very useful. It switches on and off 15 minutes before or after the actual time set. The auto mode works as per the time set. The on button gives power to the yellow outlets and the off button gives power to the blue outlets.

You can start using this strip by setting the timer and plugging in the lights you require. It is perfect for setting up dome lights in the tank. You get four plugs for automatic timers where two are for the day and two are for the night. You can easily use 12-hour cycles with this timer. This way you do not have to switch on and off the lights every single day. You cannot set a timer for individual lights in this strip but you can plug the lights you want to be off during the day in the blue socket and the lights you want on during the day in the yellow sockets.

You can easily set a cycle of 6 am to 6 pm in auto mode. With this setting, the yellow socket will switch on at 6 am and the blue socket will switch on at 6 pm. This strip works seamlessly as the timer will actually switch on and off as per the time set. The instructions provided with this strip are not very clear. There are four separate modes and many cycle settings with two separate time plugs with multiple programmable settings which can be confusing. If you do not require too many settings for your beardie then this Zilla Lighting and Heat Power Center is ideal for you. It can be a little tricky to understand the timer and the settings but once you understand the modes, it will be a cakewalk.

If you want a cycle that handles individual lights then this strip is not for you but if you have only a few fixtures and can handle day and night power then this is perfect for you. You will love this product for your bearded dragon. You will not have to think too much about your beardie's light needs or get up early every day or stay up late at night waiting to switch on and off the lights and heaters. You can easily plug the UVA and UVB bulb with the basking lamp in the yellow outlets for the day and the nighttime bulb and the heating mat in the blue outlets.

Get Your Power Center on Amazon Here: https://amzn.to/3sfTUgw