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Zoo Med Desert UVB Heat Lighting Kit - Top Basking Bulb

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Get Your Kit on Amazon Here: https://amzn.to/37Vl195

If you haven't already heard of the Zoo Med Desert UVB Heat Lighting Kit then it's worth taking a look. This UVB/fluorescent light combo is a steal of a deal and select orders come with Amazon's 2-day shipping! An Amazon's Choice Product with an average 4.5-star rating and 600+ reviews, beardie owners seem to really agree that this is the best UVB kit.

But what makes it stand out? This kit includes a combo deep dome lamp with a 75W UVB basking lamp and a 13W fluorescent lamp. Everything from the lightbulbs to cords is included. There are even separate switches to turn the individual bulbs on and off. Some of the lights sold have been previously returned (unused) and may have packaging defects. However, for the low price and product value, this is an excellent deal.

And the best part yet? There is even a handle to lift the dome! This prevents burns and makes for easy cleaning/maintenance under the lights.

Performance-wise this kit is worth every penny. It includes everything you need for basking, is well made, and is an excellent value. With the Zoo Med Desert UVB Heat Lighting Kit buyers can have peace of mind knowing they got a top-dollar product for a fraction of the price!

Zoo Med Desert UVB Heat Lighting Kit is the perfect lighting kit for bearded dragons. The mini combo dome deep lamp fixture is amazing and the basking lamp with 75 Watts is ideal for reptiles. The mini sun compact lamp of 13 watts works well for reptiles as well. This is a 2 piece set which is available in red color. It has a European style. The light source is fluorescent and the shade material is made of ceramic and glass. It has been painted as well.

What do you get when you buy Zoo Med Desert UVB Heat Lighting Kit? You get a small combo dome with deep dual ceramic sockets which can be used with lamps that have up to 160 watts with every socket. The dual on and off switches provide a lot of convenience. The basking area lamp has a special patented dual reflector that provides 35 percent additional light and heat into a focused beam. This lamp is perfect for use for bearded dragons that thermoregulate through basking. It can be used for not only bearded dragons but also other desert and tropical species. It has a proper blue glass that is neither coated nor painted to provide better heat. It is made to satisfy European standards to provide durability and long life. The mini fluorescent lamp is ideal for small desert reptiles and amphibians. It provides UVA, UVB, and visible light in a small 13 watts lamp.

The product weighs around 2.15 pounds. This kit comes with two bulbs, UV and heat. Sometimes the basking light may blow out after a few months of use, but you can contact the seller for a replacement or buy your own light. This kit is so reasonably priced that even if it only works for a few months, it is a good investment. This kit can also be used for aquatic turtles. You can put it above the water at a distance of around 12 to 15 inches and use zip ties to keep the lampstand in its place so it does not fall inside the tank. You can even put it on the basking rock so it is away from any splash and filter.

You can buy Zoo Med Desert UVB Heat Lighting Kit as a supplementary light and heat source for your bearded dragon. The UVB bulb is a little dim and only offers UVB light for up to 8 inches from the lamp. This lamp is ideal for small tanks or for placing above the hammock. If you place the heat lamp at 9 inches then in over 5 minutes it will reach the temperature of 150 degrees going over 160 degrees in 10 minutes. That is too high of a temperature for bearded dragons. Hence you must put this heat lamp at the right distance or you will end up cooking your dragon instead of providing them with light. Zoo Med Desert UVB Heat Lighting Kit is a very strong product. These are 100W fixtures. They are sturdy and a little different than advertised. This combo is available at a great price, if you buy bulbs and fixtures separately it can be very expensive.

These bulbs will probably only last for a few months if you use them for 12 hours every day. Many bulbs average for 4 months but these are far cheaper than those bulbs and hence even 3 months of use at this price is a great deal. You cannot use extremely high wattage bulbs with these fixtures or you will end up blowing your bulbs. You require low wattage heat bulbs with this fixture. These are a great investment and your reptile will love these bulbs. If you have a small cage, then these bulbs with a day and night switch will keep your pet warm and give them a nice night and day cycle. This UVA and UVB lamp promotes healthy growth.

These lamps are often recommended for beginners and they will work great as long as you do not use bulbs over 100 watts. It is a little difficult to use the dome fixture of Zoo Med Desert UVB Heat Lighting Kit. The wiring and the sockets can be a little complex for some people. If you are not using them correctly then your bulbs will flicker and switch on and off automatically. The heating bulb in this kit is a bit small. However, the UVB bulb is fine. The size could not have been bigger since it would not have fit in the hood otherwise. The hood in this kit is amazing but you have to buy a hanging bracket separately so it can be placed directly over the screen lid. This is a good and reliable product and if you keep the hood properly stored then it could last you for years.

Zoo Med Desert UVB Heat Lighting Kit is a great product and its highlight is the hood and not the bulbs. It arrives packed properly with an additional bubble wrap layer over the box. The fixture is just as described and appears impressive and can sit on top of the tank. The UVB lamp gives a lot of people trouble but you can get it replaced easily if it does not work for you. However, the fixture and the basking lamp are impressive. Many people prefer strong heat lamps for their bearded dragons and the heat bulb in this kit is not as strong. The UV bulb also does not offer a lot of UV which could be harmful to a dragon that requires a lot of UV. The lamp housing is nice but the UV bulb may have to be bought separately if you want a more powerful bulb.

If you do not want a too strong bulb, then this Zoo Med Desert UVB Heat Lighting Kit is ideal for you. This kit arrives in good packaging and is perfect for bearded dragons that do not need a bulb over 75 watts.

Get Your Kit on Amazon Here: https://amzn.to/37Vl195

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