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Zoo Med Reptile Calcium - Top Supplement

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

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If you haven't already heard of Zoo Med Reptile Calcium then it's worth taking a look. This supplement is a steal of a deal and select orders come with Amazon's 2-day shipping! With an average 4.8 star rating and 1,300+ reviews, beardie owners seem to really agree that this is the best calcium supplement.

But what makes it stand out? This calcium supplement not only provides an excellent source of calcium for your beardie but it is even infused with healthy levels of vitamin D3. This infusion will promote the health and growth of your bearded dragon. This supplement comes in 8oz, 12oz, and 48oz options. The powder is very fine which makes it cling to insects well, but it is hard to get off of clothes. With the 48oz option and very low price, this supplement has an excellent product value.

And the best part yet? Unlike other calcium supplements, this one is NOT made from oyster shells, which can be harmful to your dragon. This product is free of any and all harmful impurities!

Performance-wise this supplement is worth every penny. It is budget-friendly, safe, and even includes a scoop to get the powder out mess-free. With the Zoo Med Reptile Calcium buyers can have peace of mind knowing they got a top-dollar product for a fraction of the price!

Zoo Med Reptile Calcium is a highly bioavailable calcium carbonate source. Since it is not made from oyster shells it is free of dangerous impurities. It has good levels of Vitamin D3 and can be easily used as an extra supplement. Zoo Med Reptile Calcium is a super-fine precipitated supplement of calcium carbonate with Vitamin D3. It does not have any phosphorus and is a safe calcium supplement for amphibians and reptiles. It has a special high surface or unique shape area for every gram that offers additional calcium bioavailability.

You can mix this calcium with your gecko's food. You can mix it in a big container. Many beardie owners buy meal replacements and mix the entire calcium jar with 12 ounces of meal replacement jars. That mixture can then dissolve in water properly and you can put it in their bowls. If you mix it directly in food then the calcium may end up floating in the water and get hardened. Your beardies may not finish the entire dish but even if they eat half of what is offered to them they will get their required nutrition. Zoo Med Reptile Calcium is a must-have for all beardies. Beardies cannot obtain calcium organically and hence you have to offer them calcium separately in their food. This item is ideal for that purpose. You can sprinkle it on their food or mix it in their meal to ensure they eat it. Many people sprinkle calcium on live insects as well to ensure their beardies eat calcium. Many beardies dislike eating food that has been sprinkled with supplements but it is important for them to ingest calcium as that is the only way they can obtain calcium in their bodies. This is an amazing product and it will last for a long time.

Beardies do not need a lot of calcium. One container of this product will last you for a long time. You can offer this calcium powder to tortoises as well. This calcium is for reptiles and amphibians. It does not expire for a long time and the container is properly packaged and hence you can store this container for a long time as well. You can dust this over everything you give your beardie to ensure they ingest the required calcium for their daily needs. It is also available at a great price. You get a lot of calcium for very little money. Zoo Med Reptile Calcium is a nice product available at a reasonable price.

This powder is easy to dust and will not clump on food items or in water. It is available at a great deal. You get enough product for very little cost. Bearded dragons need calcium. You have to buy calcium powder as your beardie cannot survive without it. It is a necessary expense and Zoo Med Reptile Calcium is a great product that will do wonders for your beardie's health. This calcium powder will keep your bearded dragon healthy. It is exactly as it is described and it does what it is supposed to do. It is advisable to buy one container at a time since it is a lot of product and may last a while unless you have a lot of reptiles and amphibians.

Many bearded dragon owners only offer calcium powders to their beardies once a week or once a month but this powder should be used more frequently. Dragons need calcium regularly and if you want your dragon to avoid metabolic bone disease then you should feed them just as much calcium as your vet has advised. This powder does exactly what it advertises. It is highly recommended by all bearded dragon owners that use it. This powder has D3 so you do not have to offer vitamin D3 separately to your beardie. This container has a big size and hence the powder inside will last for a long time. You can easily use this product for all kinds of breeds of reptiles and tortoises. You can easily sprinkle a little of this product on your beardie's food. Your beardie will end up eating their required dose of calcium without even realizing it. Zoo Med Reptile Calcium is an excellent product.

This product offers great value. One container of this powder sometimes lasts for a year if you do not have a lot of reptiles to feed. You will end up loving this product. Most beardies will not even notice that you have mixed this powder in their food and this powder will continue to ensure their bones remain healthy without any fuss. This powder truly works. It comes in a big container so even if your beardie is a big adult, you can happily use this product for a while and do not have to repurchase it constantly. It will last for a long time. Zoo Med Reptile Calcium is a wonderful item. It is great to have some additional calcium when you are a bearded dragon owner and this item is offered at a very reasonable price for so much amount. You will not regret buying it.

Zoo Med Reptile Calcium is great to have around especially for the breeding season. Bearded dragons must be healthy if you want to breed them and this calcium powder ensures that their bones are healthy and strong. You get a huge tub of powder for very little price when you buy this item. You do not expect the tub to be this big since it does not look as large as it is in photos. Your beardie will love this product and may even end up licking it off food and bowls. You can even offer this powder in a separate calcium dish if you do not want to sprinkle it on their bowl. The container is bigger than you would expect which is great if you have adult bearded dragons since they require more calcium supplementation. If your bearded dragon is a picky eater, then Zoo Med Reptile Calcium can be very useful for you.

Get Your Calcium on Amazon Here: https://amzn.to/2MiXRBP

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